Demonstrating Wisconsin: A Visual History of the 2011 Wisconsin Protests

On January 3rd, 2011, Scott Walker was elected Governor of Wisconsin. One of the first actions taken up by the Governor and the newly elected Legislature was to pass what later became known as Act 10. This controversial law, when finally passed, severely limited collective bargaining rights in the state, and essentially banned public sector unions in Wisconsin.

In the run up to the passage of the law, many groups gathered at the Wisconsin Capitol building to protest, both for and against the bill. Local news stations dubbed it "Capitol Chaos" and it lasted for several weeks. Not that long after the protests in Madison were taking hold, the Occupy Wall Street movement began spreading nationwide. Soon, protests were occurring in Downtown Milwaukee as well.

Demonstrating Wisconsin is a visual history of these protests, from a non-partisan viewpoint. It doesn't make judgments regarding the protests, but rather tries to bring you into the protests if you didn't experience them first hand.

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What Others Are Saying...

Some may think you needed to be there to understand what Wisconsin survived during that volatile time. Fortunately, Nick's photos let you be a part of it all.
- Cindy Kilkenny

If you weren't at any of the Wisconsin protest events, these images will make you feel as if you had been. They are compelling but not pretentious, and moving without being cloying. This is what really happened.
- Scott Feldstein

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